Dustin Oswald, aka Bombs Away, aka Dorshak Bloch, is a local and well-known artist. He has been a full-time artist for about a decade, and he has built his brand, Bombs Away Art, to create and sell apparel, prints and other art work through his website and local boutiques like Blue Seven, 7518 N. May Ave., and DNA Galleries, 1709 NW 16th St., and right here, at bombsawayart.com.
"Bombs Away Art is rooted in punk rock and the DIY attitude and believes in the sacrament and respect of living beings and of being human. It was conceived through the observation of violence and the fragility of life and embraces the philosophy of engaging every moment of living without dead time."
Recently, he opened his own studio gallery, Bombs Away Art, 3003-A Paseo Drive, which is also a storefront open from 12-5 (ish) Wednesday-Saturday (ish).