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The Story of Ivan A. AlexanderIvanaut
Having only His Independence to Probe, He did not easily Know Good or EvilBenjimen Killing Versus the WolfDragon
Benjimen Killing's Dinosaur AdventureBenjimen Killing and the Invasion of the Tyrannosaur
The Fin and The FeathersSpinning Core of Horror
DeForestThe Day is Shot: It is Fatal
It Started off Innocently EnoughStill, Though Unafraid of Loneliness, She Retreats from the Impositions of the World
Left to Stand Alone and Amuse Himself, It Confused Him to Confront Two Enemies at OnceLa Boucherie
The Knife SharpenerThe Pinball Machine
Ivan "the Innocence" AlexanderSea of Bones
The Evil GardenPlanet Zombie
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